Best Home Training Program Georges St-Pierre RUSHFIT 8 Week Ultimate

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By Alex K (Greenbrier, TN)
So, my wife and I just completed our second week of Rushfit, and it feels amazing! In two weeks, my wife's body has already started transforming. She is quickly getting the body that she had when I met her nearly 10 years ago. As far as myself, This program has been noticeably slimming my midsection and I am packing on muscle like crazy. A few years ago, I was weighing in at 295 lbs and I lost about 75 lbs, and since then, gained about 25-30 lbs of it back, which is not acceptable to me. My wife has also had trouble keeping off the lbs since the birth of both of our kids. We needed something to get us back on track, so I started my research.

We originally were going to go with Insanity, because we had so many friends and co workers that raved about how great it was and the infomercial just about had us sold. But the thing that we both noticed was the price was pretty high, and many of the people we saw that had done Insanity seemed to have lost weight, but put on little muscle to show with it. Also, after speaking with my brother in law who has done Insanity described the workout very well to me. As he stated "I can tell you the entire Insanity workout over the phone. Jump up and down for 40 minutes, do some push-ups, and run in place really fast." That sounded like it would get boring quickly.

I had come across Rushfit on Amazon while doing a search for Insanity. My wife loved it for the price. I loved it for the MMA training aspect. My wife seemed interested and made an agreement to do the program with me. So, now I have dates with my wife now 6 nights a week in our basement, which I converted into a poorman's gym. So for the past couple of weeks, my wife and I have spent a lot of positive and constructive time together, working towards a common goal, and our marriage has never been better.

I'm not going to lie, the workouts are hard, but they keep your interest and are very encouraging. Eric (the creator of the program) is brilliant. I have a huge respect for GSP as a fighter and have followed his success for years. The videos show how down to earth the man is, and reminds you that success is created, not given. So put in the work, and get the results! Excellent program and can't wait for a follow up program once we complete the remaining 6 weeks!

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